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Product Name Primary Category Secondary Category Short Product Description Retail Price Brand
Acer XDS Wide Sole Golf Clubs Irons A revolutionary new design. By placing a deep 180 degree cut on the inside cavity along the sole, the weight is set back from face, creating a perimeter weighting unseen in most other iron heads. $199.60 GigaGolf
Acer XDS2 Professional Golf Clubs Irons The Acer XDS 2 Professional incorporates several design features that makes it the club of choice for better players. Its reduced offset heel weighting help the accomplished golfer "work" the ball to the target. $199.60 GigaGolf
PFD Golf Clubs Irons As easy to hit as it is to look at, the Turbo Power PFD is the next step in iron technology. The PFD inspires a confident swing with its thick top line and oversized profile. $199.60 GigaGolf
Professional Open 690 Golf Clubs Irons Distinctive black finish and perimeter weighted design will add enjoyment to the game even when the ball is struck off center. $199.60 GigaGolf
Synchron Soft Steel Golf Clubs Irons A progressive iron design that improves feel in the scoreing clubs while allowing for maximum forgiveness in the longer longer irons $199.60 GigaGolf
TM-32 Golf Clubs Irons Equipped with a lower center of gravity to get the ball up quickly and a perimeter weighted cavity to make off center hits travel farther and straighter than conventional irons. $199.60 GigaGolf
VS 88 II Golf Clubs Irons A unique sole undercut design gets the sole weight up and away from the ball to promote solid contact even on miss hits. $199.60 GigaGolf
XL4 Golf Clubs Irons The Turbo Power XL4 features 17-4 stainless steel construction and an innovative cavity back design. The advanced design features a 4-way step weighted cavity that absorbs unwanted vibration. $199.60 GigaGolf
Z Tour 3 Golf Clubs Irons This is a really solid iron design. Hit it on the toe the ball will go to the target, off the heel and same result. $199.60 GigaGolf

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